Social Protection Consultant (short term)


About the Organization: Solidarity and Action Against The HIV Infection in India (SAATHII) is a registered non-profit organization that works towards universal access to healthcare, legal and social services for underserved communities, including those marginalised on grounds of HIV- or TB- vulnerability, gender, sexuality, incarcerated status, etc. Registered in 2002 and headquartered in Chennai, SAATHII has operations across the country.

Description of the Project:  With support from The Global Fund (TGF), SAATHII is implementing an intervention to enhance access to ID cards, bank accounts,  social protection schemes and services for the key population in 15 states under the COVID-19 response mechanism grant request. A key activity is to develop a comprehensive training module on social protection schemes and services that are relevant to key population, and skills required to advocate with departments responsible for service delivery.  The training module will be used to build the capacity of representatives from the key populations to be trained as community volunteers (CVs) for social protection service delivery among their peers.

Purpose of the assignment: The overall purpose of engaging training consultants is to develop a training module to train master trainers and train Community Volunteers through down training at the state and regional levels. Through the module 4000 Community volunteers will be trained across 15 states in the country. They, in turn, will educate and facilitate social protection schemes and service uptake among the female sex worker, MSM and trans women communities. 

The key responsibilities of the training consultants;

  • To draw up the training curriculum and module framework in consultation with SAATHII and its partner networks, understanding the trainee needs and learning abilities and the module framework designed to address the same.
  • To develop the content and curriculum for the training on increasing applications and enhancing access to Identity Cards, Bank Accounts, and other social protection schemes for the Key Populations (FSW/MSM/TG)
  • To design the module appropriately for the Community Volunteers (CVs) understanding of key concepts of social protection including defining key vocabulary.
  • The training module content to focus on the relevance of the social entitlements and social protection schemes in the lives of key populations, various relevant services that are available, need assessment methods and tools, innovative and appropriate methods and tools to  educate the community on various services,   the process involved in applying and following up, and  advocacy with the government departments.
  • The training module should contain a facilitator’s tool for the TOTs and a detailed manual for the trainees.
  • The module contains  the assessment tools to evaluate pre and post-training changes in the knowledge and skill of the participants.·      
  • The module should comprise presentations, interactive sessions of practical exercises, skill lab, mock sessions and group works.  The module must cover training methods such as brainstorming, simulation, group discussion, and case analysis.
  • The module should help the CVs  to identify the right and suitable strategies and mechanisms for field-level implementation of the knowledge and skill gained from the workshop.

The following process is to be followed by the consultants for developing the training module:

  • The consultant is to conduct meetings with NACO, SAATHII and the leaders of the Key Population network and the representatives of the designated SRs to draw the outline of the curriculum and the content that needs to go into the comprehensive training module.
  • The hired training consultant will hold meetings with the training module review committee representatives to review the draft training module and incorporate the  feedback and finalizes the same with the committee.
  • The finally approved document is to be submitted in an agreed upon and standard training module design to SAATHII.

Key deliverables: The following deliverables are expected from the training module development consultant:

  • Consultant will prepare a comprehensive social protection schemes/entitlements training module which includes agenda/contents/sessions of the training.
  • Consultant will design methodologies and the appropriate process for training the CVs
  • The hired consultants will frame a questionnaire for pre and post-test (to be used before and after the training) on the level of understanding of the participants about the topics discussed and covered in the training
  • The consultant will share a complete package of training module (facilitators guide and the training module for the trainees) to be provided to the master trainers and CVs.
  • Consultant will facilitate meetings with the key community leaders and training module review committee for their feedback and recommendations on the module development
  • Willingness to travel extensively to the SR implementation states and districts in India

Time frame: This is a short-term assignment for individual consultants for a period of 30 working days.

Skills and Competencies: The consultant should possess the following qualifications and expertise:

  • Individuals/agencies having expertise and experience in developing a training curriculum on social development and public health
    • Individuals/agencies having expertise in social protection curriculum and content development
    • Individuals/agencies having knowledge and experience of working with the key population and the development of the training modules pertinent to the needs of the key population
    • Previous work on developing training modules, knowledge, and experience on Schemes and entitlements is a must.
    • Excellent writing and tool development skills
    • Strong communication, analytical, and drafting skills
    • Fluency in English is mandatory

Remuneration: will be based on the experience in developing training modules, skills, and qualifications, along with the rate per day charges and the overall charges for the consultation.

Please note that only shortlisted candidates/agencies will be contacted.

How to apply: Please submit a comprehensive CV/agency profile in English with a supporting cover letter. Please provide the details of the previously developed training  modules, the expected remuneration and three references in the CV/Agency profile.

Applications should be sent by e-mail to the following addresses, and clearly specify the Position Title and Job Code.

SAATHII has zero tolerance towards harassment (whether sexual or non-sexual) or any form of abuse, including – but not limited to – harassment and violence targeted at children and women, PLHIV, gender non-conforming persons, and member of the LGBTIQA+ communities. SAATHII seeks qualified and experienced applicants (individuals or agencies) who can work in a multicultural environment with diverse teams comprised of people of diverse religious and language backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identities. SAATHII is a secular institution working to create an environment of zero tolerance for prejudice based on religion, caste/community, gender, sexuality, and gender expression.

Qualified applicants who are HIV-affected, women, and/or belonging to sexual/gender minority populations are encouraged to apply.

Email to send applications: