Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Then: SAATHII envisions a concerted response to the HIV epidemic in India
Now: SAATHII envisions universal access to rights, health, legal and social services for communities marginalised on account of HIV status, gender and/or sexuality.


SAATHII works to increase access to rights, stigma-free and inclusive health/legal/educational/social services through community support, information dissemination, networking, operational research, advocacy, training and other technical assistance services.


In response to meeting India’s needs towards achieving Universal Access, SAATHII supports government, civil society, and the for-profit sector through the following approaches:

  • Technical, Operational and Financial Assistance to strengthen and expand access to HIV/AIDS, maternal and child health, legal and social services
  • Advocacy for increased attention and political commitment on public health, implementation of Supreme Court rulings (transgender rights, decriminalisation of LGBTIQ+) and Acts such as the HIV/AIDS Act
  • Research to generate evidence for advocacy and informed programmatic responses
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing of science, law-policy and advocacy updates
  • Networking to bring people from multiple sectors together and foster collaborations


SAATHII values responses that are rooted in science and human rights; that directly engage with affected communities; and that address issues of marginalization based on gender, sexuality and other factors influencing equitable access to quality care.


Founded in 2000, SAATHII is registered as a Charitable Trust (Registration # 637, dated August 2002) with the Sub-Registrar of Charities in Chennai. It is also registered with the Income Tax Department (Permanent Account No. AAETS3446C) and the Directorate of Income Tax Exemptions (No.301-04-05).

Headquartered in Chennai, SAATHII has offices in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, Hyderabad, Imphal, Jaipur, Kolkata, Guwahati, Mumbai, Nagpur, Ranchi and Thiruvananthapuram. As of 2018, SAATHII works nationally and in 25 states of India, in partnership with other civil society and community-based organizations. SAATHII is staffed by over 200 professionals in public health, social work, research, nutrition, program communication, and other areas.